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How to Get Free Ghost Skin in COD Mobile?

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games that has taken the first-person shooter genre to the next level on mobile devices. The game grabbed a massive audience with its immersive gameplay and exciting features, including various skins and character customization options. Regarding character customization, the Ghost skin is undeniably one of the most highly sought-after skins in the game. The reason behind its popularity is its sleek and deadly appearance.

However, the skin is available in the game for purchase, but not all players can afford it. Many players are eager to know if there is a free way to get the Ghost skin. In this article, we will share the legitimate way to acquire the Ghost skin in COD Mobile without spending money.

How to Unlock Ghost Skin in CoD Mobile?

CoD offers various cosmetics in the game, most of which are paid. You can only grab paid items through the in-game credit store. Throughout CoD: Mobile’s history, several Ghost skins have been introduced and removed. Spending bucks is the only option available to get multiple Ghost skins.

But you need not worry; there is still a way through which you can take this deadly-looking skin for free. Monthly logins and ranking up in Battle Royales can also reward free unique skins. Events are another chance to get free skins, so keep your eyes on events.

Also, Ghost has remained a fan-favourite character in COD, given the variety of Ghost skins that have been introduced. A Ghost skin could eventually become a regular reward in the game.

Another way to get free Ghost skin is through the redeem codes. Yes! Redeem codes can also be a source of free Ghost skins in COD.

Want to know how to get free redeem codes?

Here is the complete guide: How to get Free Redeem Codes in Call Of Duty?

The Bottom Line:

That’s it for How to Get Free Ghost Skin in COD Mobile? Go through the guide and make try to get a free Ghost skin. In contrast, there is no guarantee that players will be able to obtain a specific Ghost skin through these methods. But the methods provide an opportunity to receive free skins without relying solely on premium purchases. By utilizing these methods, players can increase their chances of adding a Ghost skin to their collection

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