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Boxer Top Up Event : How To Complete This Event?

Garena brings a new top-up event in Free Fire Max, Boxer Top Up Event. After the arrival of the OB36 update, Free Fire continuously brings new and exciting in-game items like emotes, gun skins, and other cosmetics items.

This is an excellent time to top up diamonds to get some free items from these events. If you plan to buy diamonds, it’s the right time to do so. This article will tell you which in-items will receive in this pop-up event. How much diamond do you need to top up for that?

Criteria To Get Free Pigment Splash MP5 Skin

If you want a pigment mp5 skin gun for free, you need to buy 100 diamonds from Free Fire. You will get this incredible reward, just a diamond top-up. This new gun skin of MP5 looks really. Isn’t it?
This time Garena doesn’t disappoint us on give such cool freebies on 100 diamond top-up.

Criteria to get Free Agile Boxer Emote

If you have a reasonable budget and you are going to purchase 300 diamonds in Free Fire, then you can receive a Boxer emote from this pop-up event. Although if you top up 300 diamonds, you can get both of these rewards ( Mp5 gun skin and Boxer emote). This offer seems quite impressive. I hope you like these prizes from top up event.

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If you don’t know how to top up diamonds, here are the four simple steps to purchase diamonds in Free Fire Max.

Steps to Top-Up Diamonds in Free Fire MAx

1 Open Free Fire Max and click on the + sign, which you can see beside the diamond icon on top of the screen.
2 You will see many options of diamond top-up like you can top up 100 diamonds for 80rs. You can select this option if you want only mp5 gun skin. However, if you can buy 310 diamonds from just 250rs, choose this pack of 310 diamonds. You will get both rewards.
3 You can make payment from your convenient payment method, which can be up app google play balance or card.
4 After completing the transaction, go to the Boxer top-up event, where you can see the claim option for mp5 skin and Boxer emote. Click on that button, and you will get the rewards in your vault.

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