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Star Gamer Uid, Real Name, Age and Free Fire Stats

This article is about one of the popular players of Free Fire, who is none other than our beloved Star Gamer. He recently completed 4 million subscribers on his youtube channel. On this occasion, I thought his fans wants to read his short biography. 

So that they can know more about their favourite players. That’s why I bring I wrote this article about Star gamer. In this short article, I reveal Star Gamer uid, his real name, living place and many more details.

I will also share his Youtube journey with you along with his Free Fire game stats. I will attach the screenshot of his stats in battle royale and clash squad stats. You can also see the image of his Free Fire profile, which has in-game details.

What is the real name of Star Gamer and his age?

The real name of Star gamer is Mir Abdul Kalam and his 18 years old.

Where does he live?

Mir Abdul Kalam aka Star gamer lives in Odisha.

Star Gamer Uid, Free Fire Name and Guild Id

Star gamer uid is 1442345256, his name in Free Fire is Sonu Bhai ( but currently he changed it to Thanks-For-4M). His guild id is 1010222137.

star gamer free fire profile photo including uid, rank, level details

Youtube Channel

Kalam Bhai started his Youtube Channel Star Gamers on 26th May 2020. He uploaded more than 1200 videos on his channel. His youtube channel crosses the milestone of 4 million subscribers. And he is on the list of 30 most subscribed gaming youtube channels in India.

His second youtube channel ‘Star Army’ also has 345k subscribers.

Free Fire Battle Royale Stats

Solo – Star Gamer played 994 games in a solo mode of battle royale in which he won 98 with 1812 kills.

Duo – In duo mode, he played 1221 games, in which he won 154 games with a total of 2320 kills.

Squad – In squad mode, Sonu Bhai played the highest number of games. He played a total of 3306 games out of these games he won 116 with his squadmate. His total kills are 11,618 in squad mode.

Free Fire Stats in Clash Squad

In the clash squad, Star Gamer played 3,110 games, in which he won 2,057. His total kills in the clash squad are 15,609. His KD ratio stood at 2.66 on this date.

free fire clash squad image

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