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Nitin Free Fire Uid, Full Name, Age and Free Fire Stats

Nitin is an emerging popular Free Fire content creator on Youtube. He uploads funny videos of Free Fire on Shorts. This article will get detailed information about Nitin Free Fire, like his real name, birthdate, age, uid, level, Free Fire name style and stats.

On youtube, Nitin becomes famous because of his funny short clips, including prank and challenge videos.

There is not much data about Nitin, so we just collected this data by searching his Youtube videos ( QnA) and Instagram Id. We recently upload a full list of all popular Free Fire player’s uid. You can check this list to know the uid number of players by searching their name.

Full name and living place

The full name of Nitin Free Fire is ‘ Nitin Tiwari‘, and he lives in Haryana.

Birthdate and age of Nitin Free Fire

The birthdate of Nitin is 3 August 2004. His age is 17(as of 2022).

Nitin Free Fire Uid, Name Style (IGN), and Level

Nitin Free Fire uid number is 758139311, and his name style is ‘NITIN FF‘. The current level of Nitin in Free Fire is 68. His current rank is Heroic emblem.

nitin free fire profile image that shows his uid

Free Fire Battle Royale Stats

Solo – Nitin played 2090 games in solo mode, in which he won 116 games with 3878 kills.

Duo – In duo mode, Nitin Free Fire played 2505 games; out of these games, he won 205 games with 4824 kills.

Squad – Nitin played the highest number of matches in the squad mode, 3993. His wins in the squad mode are 639 with 8273 kills.

free fire battle royale stats photo of nitn

Free Fire Clash Squad Stats

The clash squad mode is one of the popular modes in Garena Free Fire. In this mode, Nitin played 4694 games. His total wins in this mode are 2754. He eliminates 21,882 players during total matches. Nitin’s KD ratio in the clash squad is 1.93.

free fire clash squad stats image

Youtube Channel

Nitin started his Youtube channel ‘ Nitin Free Fire ‘ on 26 November 2019. He uploads funny content on Youtube shorts which goes viral most of the time. His channel currently has 2.92 million subscribers.

Instagram Id


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