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How To Get V Badge Copy Using Code in Free Fire Name?

This article is about how to add V badge copy through V Badge Code in Free Fire name. Further, I will tell you a secret trick to get v badge in your nickname in Free Fire. This trick is 100% working in Free Fire.

Before that, let’s know a little about this unique badge. As we all know, the V badge is Free Fire’s most impressive in-game element. However, having a V badge on your Free Fire profile is not an easy task.

And, to get the V Badge, you need to join the Partner Program of Free Fire. To join the partner program, you must fulfil the criteria set by the officials of the Free Fire.

But only limited players can get this badge permanently. As a result, the remaining players have no option but to get a copy of this badge. However, you will need a V Badge code to get a copy also. So keep reading this article to know more about V Badge copy.

What is V Badge in Free Fire?

V Badge is one of the rarest badges in Free Fire which is available only for some famous players of Free Fire. However, a member of the Free Fire Partner Program and a professional Free Fire player who regularly participate in Free Fire tournament has the Verified Badge ( known as V Badge).

How can you get this badge permanently ?

Apply for Free Fire Partner Program through their official site to get Verified Badge. I already wrote a blog about how to join the Free Fire partner program? You can read this blog to know the process of joining this program.

How to add V Badge copy in Free Fire name?

If you are not able to get the official V badge in Free Fire then, don’t worry there is another method to get the verified badge.

Here are the steps to add a V badge copy in the Free Fire name.

  • STEP – 1 Open the Free Fire game on your mobile.
  • STEP 2 – Click on the profile icon ( which can is in the top left corner of the screen)
  • STEP – 3 After a pop-up window will open, click on the pencil icon and erase the message which is written on the signature box there.
  • STEP – 4 Copy this code  [b][c][ffd319]?[i][FF0000] 
  • STEP – 5 Paste the above code in the signature box.
  • STEP – 6 After pasting the above code, click on ok and go back to your profile section.

You can now see the Free Fire V badge symbol in your signature name. Moreover, you can also add your name before the V Badge or after the badge as you like. Also, you can get different colours of V badge using different V Badge Code.

Table of all colours of V Badge Code

Verified (V) Badge Red Colour Code

Verified Badge Violet Colour Code

Verified Badge Green Colour Code

Verified Badge Orange Colour Code

Verified Badge Scarlet blue Colour Code
Verified Badge Parrot green Colour Code

Verified Badge Light blue Colour Code

Verified Badge Yellow Colour Code

Verified Badge Blue Colour Code

Verified Badge Golden Colour Code

Verified Badge Pink Colour Code

However, the V Badge you will get is not an official V Badge of the Free Fire, but you can prank other players that you got the verified badge.

Players who don’t know this trick will be amazed after seeing your V badge.

I hope you guys find this article helpful and got your V Badge. Check out our other articles about the Free Fire game. You will get some tricks like this one.


What are the ways to get the original V badge?

There are two ways to get the original V badge in the game.

  1. Tournaments
  2. Partner Program with Garena

Are there any External Links for the V Badge of Free Fire?

There are numerous links present on the internet to get the V Badge. However, these links are not safe and secure for you and your Free Fire account. That’s why we recommend you to be aware of such links.

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