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Winterland Unveiled: Exclusive Free Fire MAX Events and Rewards Leak for December 2023

Free Fire consistently introduces exciting rewards and gift items through seasonal events. As winter has already arrived, most players were eagerly anticipating the upcoming event. To maintain the streak, the developers are about to launch the winter-themed event series. Although in Free Fire MAX, the Winterland events are yet to debut on the Indian server, some renowned data miners have already leaked the rewards and events. The upcoming event presents one of the best opportunities to grab some cool cosmetic items.

Now, let’s jump to the list of items you can get in the Winterland Event 2023.

List of Items in Free Fire MAX Winterland 2023 Events

Call Back Friends Now:

Free Fire MAX Winterland Event

ree Fire MAX introduces the highly anticipated Callback event in the upcoming Winterland 2023 event series. What sets this event apart? The Callback event grants you access to special crates. To seize this exciting opportunity, players just need to invite friends who have stopped playing Free Fire MAX. Successfully doing so makes them eligible to open the special crate, which may contain a diamond royale voucher, some FF gold, and possibly 29,999 diamonds.

Happy Holidays:

This is a web event allowing players to participate without spending diamonds. To earn rewards, players simply need to complete tasks outlined in the event. The event offers a range of fascinating rewards, as listed below.

1. Skill Skin: Frost Monkey

Skill Skin: Frost Monkey

2. AUG: Phoenix Knight

Free Fire MAX Winterland Event: Aug Phoenix Knight

3. Pet Skin: Icy Hop

Pet Skin: Icy Hop

4. SVD: Frozen Platinum

Free Fire MAX Winterland Event: SVD: Frozen Platinum

New Moco Store:

Stir Fry Emote

Exciting news for players eagerly anticipating the New Moco Store, named Stir-Fry Frostfire, in the Winterland Special event. To participate in the event, players have to use diamonds. During this event, players have the opportunity to acquire various cool emotes and gun skins, including the Stir Fry Frostfire.

Token Wheel Event:

Free Fire MAX Winterland Event: Token Wheel Event

The powerful Frostfire Polar bundle is set to be launched in the upcoming event. Players can also anticipate the arrival of the Frostfire Magma bundle, Frostfire Look Changer, and Hello! Frostfire Style. These items are truly special, and players will need to invest a considerable amount of diamonds to obtain them all. But don’t worry, as there is an option to exchange items, though it comes with a higher cost.

That concludes the Winterland Special Event. Stay tuned for more exciting Free Fire updates! Keep playing!

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