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Amit Bhai vs Ajju Bhai, Who is better in Free Fire?

In this article, we will compare the Free Fire stats of Amit Bhai and Ajju Bhai. Amit Bhai vs Ajju Bhai videos has already been uploaded on the YouTube channel of Desi Gamers ( Amit Bhai ) and Total Gaming ( Ajju Bhai). You can watch their versus match on YouTube.
Their Youtube channel has millions of subscribers. Amit Bhai has 10.9 million subscribers on his channel and AjjuBhai has 26.6 million subscribers.

But in this blog, we are going to tell you the Free Fire stats of Amit Bhai and Ajju Bhai. We will show you their Lifetime and Ranked stats of Classic mode and clash squad mode.

Firstly we will give the stats of Amit Bhai in Free Fire.

Free Fire Profile of Amit Bhai

Name – Amitbhai
UID – 206746194
Current Level 74
Rank in classic mode season 22 – Heroic Emblem

Lifetime Stats of Amit Bhai in Free Fire

Solo Mode – Amit Bhai played a total of 3541 games in solo mode, he won 295 games out of 3541 games with 8181 kills.

Duo Mode – He played a total of 4636 games in duo mode where he can win 779 games with 12363 kills.

Squad Mode – Amit Bhai played the highest number of games in squad games which are 8627 in which he can win 2362 with his squadmate. His total kills in all games are 22690.

Ranked Stats of Amit Bhai

Clash Squad stats

Total Games played by Amit Bhai in the clash squad are 1448 in which he won 872 games which makes his win percentage 60.22% which is quite good.
His total kills in clash squad mode are 7588 with 1.66 K/D ratios. His headshot ratio is 33.54%.

Free Fire profile of Ajju Bhai

Name – ajjubhai94
Uid – 451012596
Level – 73
Rank in season 22 – Heroic Emblem

AjjuBhai FreeFire stats in classic mode (Lifetime)

Solo – Ajju Bhai played 945 games in solo mode in which he won 87 games with 2438 kills.

Duo – In duo mode Ajju Bhai played total of 1777 games in which he won 347 with his teammate his total kills in duo mode are 7061.

Squad – In squad mode Ajju Bhai played a total of 11911 games which is the highest number of games in any mode. He won 2902 games with his squadmate with 44875 kills.

Clash squad stats of Ajju Bhaii

Total of 485 played by Ajju Bhai in clash squad in which he won 302 games which makes his win percentage is 62.27% his total kills in this mode are 2904 with a KD ratio of 1.91 his headshot rate is also 54.34%.


In this comparison of Ajju Bhai vs Amit Bhai we found that some stats of Ajju Bhai is better than Amit Bhai. Ajju Bhai has higher percentage rate of winning in clash squad and another mode than Amit Bhai. The headshot rate of Ajju Bhai is also higher than Amit Bhai because Ajju Bhai is a better player of Sniper guns in comparison to Amit Bhai.

Both players are good at playing Free Fire. These are just only stats of their game and these stats will change in future.

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