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Free Fire Max Best Guns: Top 5 Guns In 2022

In this article, we are going to look at the Free Fire Max best guns that every player wants to keep in their hands. As we all know that Garena has a massive package of weapons, so everyone wants the best out of it.

Among all the weapons that Garena has, guns are the most popular and destructive. Moreover, guns became more fatal when proper gun skins are used. When you’re on the battlefield, you need the prime guns to compete with your enemy.

In The Free Fire Max, The Best Guns Are

1. M1887

M1887 is a large caliber double-shot shotgun. It has almost the highest damage and that is 100. This gun is best to use when the foes are at a close range. Further, the gun has a good rate of fire and reload capacity.

However, this shotgun has low accuracy and magazine capacity. But in addition to this, it has good movement speed.

2. AK

In the Free Fire Max, Ak is one of the best guns as it has high damage, high recoil and good range. This gun requires high skill to control. Most of the pro players use this gun on the battleground.

Ak is an assault rifle, which has good movement speed, good reload speed along with decent accuracy. Overall, this rifle is perfect to fight on the battlefield.

3. Scar

Likewise Ak, Scar is also an assault rifle, but it is easy to handle as compared to AK. This gun is balanced and more stable and that’s why beginners love this gun.

Scar has a fair range, rate of fire, movement speed and accuracy. Moreover, this rifle has a damage of 53 and the magazine capacity of the gun is 30.

4. AWM

AWM sniper rifle is best to use when the target is stationary and at a long distance. Also, this sniper rifle has high damage and it has a long reload time. The range of the gun is 91.

The accuracy of this gun is also very good. It has also good movement speed. But the magazine capacity and the rate of fire is low.

5. AN94

AN94 is also an assault rifle similarly to Scar and Ak. In the Free Fire Max, AN94 is one of the best guns in terms of mid-range. It has a long effective range and an adequate rate of fire.

This gun has high recoil and high firepower. Also, the movement speed is good along with satisfactory reload speed and accuracy. The magazine capacity of this gun is 30.

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