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Free Fire Elite Pass Season 44 : Release Date and Rewards

As the developers of Free Fire introduce an amazing Free Fire Elite Pass every month. The players are also enjoying the live Elite Pass Season 43 which is named “Palace of Poker’. So get ready for the brand new upcoming Free Fire Elite Pass Season 44, for January 2022.

As we know that you are eagerly waiting for the Upcoming Elite Pass of January 2022 details and leaks. So keep going with us, we are here to serve you the latest information regarding the Elite Pass Season 44.

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 44 : Release Date

According to the source, the Upcoming Free Fire Elite Season 44 will be released on January 1st and this S44 will be in the game for the whole month of January. As it is going to release in January month, so it is referred as January 2022 Elite Pass. The developers of Free Fire usually bring the Elite Pass every month with new Backpack skins, Lootbox skins, Grenade, Bundles, Gun skins and much more. So get ready for the new one.

Elite Pass S44 : Pre-Order Date

The developers of the game release the pre-orders before the release of every new Elite Pass with an exclusive pre-order reward. In this upcoming Elite Pass S44 the pre-orders will start from 29th December 2021 to 31st December 2021.

If you want to pre-order the upcoming Elite Pass S44, you have to spend the sum of 999 diamonds.

Elite Pass S44 : Items/Rewards

In the Upcoming Elite Pass, you will see some amazing in-game Items/Rewards.

Here is the list of some useful Rewards/Items :

  • Solar Zoomer : 0 badge
  • KAR98K – Big Bang : 10 badges
  • Star Splash Jacket : 15 badges
  • Mercury Ink Jacket : 40 badges
  • Celestial Cosmopuff Bundle : 50 badges
  • MAG7 – Big Bang : 80 badges
  • Asteroid surfboard : 100 badges
  • Grenade – Sponge Planet : 125 badges
  • Rocketeer Loot Box : 150 badges
  • Violet Orbit backpack : 200 badges
  • Galactic Spaceboogy Bundle : 225 badges

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