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Free Fire Max Free Emotes : 5 Ways To Get Free Emote

After the ban on Free Fire players are getting attracted to the upgraded version of Free Fire Max and that is why it is liked by millions of players. The reason behind the staggering growth of MAX is its characters, different modes, upgraded maps, many great themes. Along with all these features, emotes are something that is very much appreciated by the players. So be with us, in this guide we will share “5 Ways to Get Free Emotes in Free Fire Max”.

Emotes are the in-game computer-generated animation through which players can show their emotions, whether it is anger, happy, or cheering. Not every emote is available in the in-game store, some rarer options fall in Special Events only.

Buying expensive emotes via Free Fire MAX events costs a big amount, and it’s not even practical for every player of Free Fire Max. So if you’re looking for better ways to get free emotes then be with us at the end we’re here to give you the 5 ways from which you can get Free Emotes in Free Fire Max.

Which are the 5 Ways to Get Free Emotes in Free Fire Max?

  1. Watch to win Event
  2. Redeem Codes
  3. Google Opinion Rewards
  4. Top-Up Events
  5. Giveaways

1. Watch to Win Event:

Free Emotes Free Fire
Watch to Win Event

The watch to win is the simplest way to earn free emotes in Free Fire Max. This newly released event is introduced by Garena. You can participate in this event whenever it releases. To participate, you just have to download the Booyah app and link your Free Fire Max account with the booyah app.

Whenever any event comes up, you just have to participate in the event and watch a 30 minutes video to win emotes and diamonds.

2. Redeem Codes:

Another easy way to get free emotes is through Redeem codes. Developers of Free Fire Max issue Redeem codes in a certain period.

Redeem codes are generally of 12 digits, you can claim your redeem code from the in-game redemption site. You can also get Redeem code for weapons, skins, pets, etc.

Though Redeem codes are region-specific and are available only for a limited time. After the expiry of Redeem code, you can’t avail your rewards.

3. Google Opinion Rewards:

Google Opinion Rewards is the application available on the play store. You can get free diamonds from the application later you can buy emotes with the exchange of diamonds.

Download the Google Opinion Rewards from the play store and register yourself by providing details like name, age, and email. According to your age and interest, they provide surveys to you, and with the completion of each survey, you’ll get Google Play credits.

Later you can use these Play Credits to buy diamonds from the Free Fire Max game store. It’ll be more useful to use play credits in super airdrops so that you can earn maximum diamonds.

4. Top-Up Events:

There are several in-game events held on specific periods which will give you free emotes in Free Fire Max as a reward for every top-up of diamonds.

These events occur rarely, so to take advantage of this event, you have to be active in the game.

5. Giveaways:

YouTubers and Apps often start a giveaway as to their way of thanking their subscribers and users. You may win hundreds of diamonds in the giveaways by participating in the events. In this way, you can get free emotes in Free Fire Max.

To participate in the YouTuber’s giveaways you have to subscribe, like share, and comment on the video.

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