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Dhanu Dino Uid, Real Name And Free Fire Stats

The statistics of Free Fire gamers spiked up by more than 50 percent over a year. This indicates the hype of this game among the users. Along with the game’s popularity, professional players of the arena also highly influence the new gamers of every age. One such influential gamer from India is Dhanu Dino. More than 200k viewers watch the gameplays of this 19-year-old gamer. Glide through the article to know Dhanu Dino Uid, his real name, and detailed information about his free fire stats.

Who is The Famous Free Fire Gamer, Dhanu Dino? 

A well-known name in the domain of free fire, Dhanu Dino is a proficient Telugu gamer and YouTuber. Apart from his famous nickname Dhanu Dini, his real name is Dhananjay.

He uploads his gameplay on his two YouTube channels. His primary channel Telugu Gaming FF has 1.6 million subscribers with 233 million views. His second channel Dhanu Dino has 370k subscribers with more than 19 million views. 

Dhanu Dino Uid, IGN Name and Other Details

One can access the gaming information of the player using the specific Uid (User ID) / Free Fire ID of the player. When talking about Dhanu Dino, his Uid is 48388225. 

The IGN name is the display name. The IGN name of Dhanu Dino is DHANUDINO_YT. This professional gamer has a free fire ID level of 79, and his guild ID is 61852706.

dhanu dino uid

Free Fire Stats Of Dhanu Dino

The Free Fire Stats represent the gaming performance of a free fire player. Dhanu Dino has some outstanding records and digits in his stats. Let’s have a keen look over it. 

The stats overview of Battle Royale of the lifetime

? He played 1767 solo games, 148 out of which were victories. His kill count after playing these matches is 4270. 

? In the duo section, he played 2948 matches and registered 389 victories. With 7206 Kill-Count, he showed incredible performance. 

? He has more than 79543 kills while playing the squad matches. He has 4669 wins out of 25324 squad matches he has played. 

dhanu dinobattle royale stats

The stats overview of Clash Squad of the CS Career 

  1. Dhanu Dino played 4619 matches and achieved a tremendous 2730 wins. With 2.00 KDA, Dino took over 28322 kills. 
  2. With a striking win rate of 59.10%, he killed his enemies with 11740 headshots. 
  3. He has an average damage per match of 2885.
dhanu free fire clash squad stats

Final Takeaway 

The young gamer Dhanu Dino has vast influence through his stunning free fire performance. He presents his gameplay on his youtube channel with attractive commentary in Telugu. His gameplay broke the boundary of the language barrier and attracted viewers from all over the world. And it would not be wrong to say that the gameplay of Dhanu Dino has given birth to a lot of new players.

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