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Fact Fire UID, Gaming Skills and Free Fire Stats

Fact Fire is one of the best Free Fire players in India. He is very entertaining, and his vast fan base loves his comic timing with powerful gaming movies and knowledge. Keep reading this blog, in this guide you are going to know about Fact Fire UID, Gaming Skills, Free Fire Stats, and YouTube.

Fact Fire gaming moves are smooth and influential with quick timing and flow. He can easily confuse his opponents with quick wall moves.

Fact Fire has a huge fan following on his YouTube channel. He enjoys good support and stardom from his fans. His witty nature attracts more users and subscribers to his channel.

Fact Fire UID

Fact Fire uid is 887955652. You can join him to play games with him, as he supports young talent. 

If your luck is with you, he can even have a chat with you and provide you with some gaming tips.

Fact Fire Gaming Skills

Fire has exceptional gaming abilities. His fast and thundering moves are heart-winning. The flow of fingers is the lighting shots that surprise his opponents and result in a fabulous win.

He is known for his perfect headshot, good management of equipment, quick moves, and perfect timing.

Fact Fire Stats on Free Fire

fact fire uid : stats
Fact Fire Stats

Solo – Fact Fire has featured in 1899 solo games, in which he won 140 games with a win rate of 7.37%. Fact Fire had eliminated 3895 players and sustained a K/D ratio of 2.05%.

Duo – He won 214 booyah’s out of 2279 duo games, which results in a 9.39% win rate. He eliminated 4055 players with a K/D ratio of 1.77%.

Squad – In Squad, Fact Fire featured in 5085 games and won 881 games with a win rate of 17.32%. He killed 13591 players at a K/D ratio of 2.69%.

Free Fire Clash Squad Stats

fact fire uid
Fact Fire: Squad Stats

In Free Fire, the Clash Squad mode is one of the most popular mode. In this mode, Fact Fire has played 4315 games in which he won 2435 games with a win rate of 56%. He eliminated 22145 players in Squad and acquired the 1.91% K/D ratio.

YouTube Channel

Fact Fire has 3.97 million subscribers on its YouTube channel. He began his YouTube career in June 2012 and has amassed 3.97 million subscribers.

Fact Fire has talked about gaming strategies, and unique Free Fire acts in his YouTube videos. He has shared his battle videos and his fights with his fans.

Fact fire is the most excellent Free Fire player that enjoys good support from his fans. You can learn about power moves and game tactics by watching his YouTube videos.

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