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How To Get Free Permanent Gun Skin in Free Fire [2022]

In today’s article, I will tell you how to get free permanent gun skin in Free Fire. Usually, the players can purchase any gun skins in Free Fire through diamonds. 

Players need to purchase gun crates, in which they will get any random gun skins. But they receive only temporary gun skins that will disappear after some period. 

But in this blog, I will tell you some secrete tricks to get permanent gun skins without even spending diamonds. That means you will get free permanent gun skin Free Fire.

All these methods that I will tell you in this blog are safe, and I am not promoting any gun skin hack.

1 Free Fire Permanent Gun Skin Through Gold Royale 

You can get free gun skins in gold royale, but many of them are temporary and will disappear after some days. However, some lucky winners will get permanent gun skin, and if you become a lucky winner, you can also receive one. Remember you will not get any rare gun skins in gold royale.

In gold royale, you need some gold coins or gold royale tokens to spin.  

Steps to get Free Gun Skins in Gold Royale

1 Open Free Fire Game 

2 Click on Luck Royale Option ( Luck Royale option is present on your left side )

3 Now, click on the Gold Royale option.

4 Here you can choose two options, one spin for 300 gold coins or 10+1 spin-in 3000 coins.

We recommend you choose the 10+1 spin option, your chance of winning gun skins will increase 3x times in this option.

2 Free Gun Skins Through Events

Events in Free Fire are one of the best and easiest ways to get guaranteed gun skins. There are different types of events that will come and go in Free Fire.

Some big events will give you permanent gun skins in Free Fire by just completing some steps.

You don’t need to spend any diamonds on this event.

What you need to do is to have information about ongoing and upcoming events in Free Fire. You can follow the official page of Free Fire on Instagram, or you can subscribe to our email newsletter so that you stay updated about these events.

3 By Gun Spin Events 

Getting gun skins in spin events is not always free, and you might need to spend some diamonds in spin events to get permanent skins.

However, If you have free spins of weapon royale or any other spin events, you may get these skins at no extra cost. 

You can even get some rare and legendary gun skins in Free Fire.

4 By Redeem Codes

Many Free Fire redeem codes contains so many rewards like permanent gun skins. If you can get redeem codes, then you have some chance of getting permanent gun skins. 

If you don’t know how to get free redeem codes, then check this article on 5 Best Websites To Get Free Redeem Codes of Free Fire.

5 By Airdrop 

If you purchase special airdrops, you will get some free gun crates, and in these crates, you might get permanent gun skins. Special airdrops are usually cheap, like 10rs airdrop or 29rs airdrops.

I recently wrote a blog on how to get free special airdrops in Free Fire must check out this article.


In the above article, I told you the 4 ways to get free permanent gun skins in Free Fire. These methods are genuine. You can try these methods so that you can get free skins of a Free Fire gun.

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