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Get Premium Bundles In The Mystery Madness Event Free Fire For Free

Free Fire is one of the most popular games known for its continuous updates. However it features a lot of quality premium cosmetics. As a result every player has a secret desire to join mysterious events. So, get a chance to win rare and high-quality cosmetics. Today, an interesting event called Mystery Madness has been released into the game. Therefore, Mystery Madness is a new exciting event with mystery prizes. And, it contains a variety of premium bundles. But what an epic surprise! In short feel like an elite explorer now and get ready for the mystery madness event free fire!

Get costumes from the Mystery Madness event

Do you know that the mystery madness event free fire is launched on June 30, 2022? Therefore, don’t miss this chance and play War Thunder! Consequently, the developers are offering one of the exclusive grand outfits from a reward pool. So, it will be selected randomly upon capturing an enemy plane. After that you have to complete some secret missions for collecting items. Moreover key tokens are essential to unlock the grand bundle. But this event expires after July 13. Consequently, players must remember that missions refresh daily at 4:00 am.

Prize Pool Of The Mystery Madness Event

The grand reward pool contains a lot of different bundles available for purchase.  So, players can only get one random bundle out of them (based on luck). Therefore, once you have collected enough tokens, you need to complete game missions and get key tokens. Moreover, there are many other collectibles available in the prize pool. In addition the list of premium Bundle is as follows:

1. Amplified Bassrock Bundle

2. Master Of Death Bundle

3. Quarterback Bundle

4. Captain Bubbles Bundle

5. Phantom Executioner Bundle

6. K.O Night –  Shock Bundle

7. Winter Icerunner Bundle

8. Scorching Sands Bundle

9. Frosty Beach Bundle

10. Imperial Malikah Bundle

11. The Shining Gold Bundle

12. The Disco Fiasco Bundle

13. Canine Defender Bundle 

14. Cutie Bubbles Bundle

15. The Psycho Maniac

16. Imperial Corps Bundle

17. Heatbound Dunes Bundle

18. Wild Leopard Bundle

19. Battle Maid Bundle

20. The Navy Girl Bundle

21. Spa Vacation Bundle

22. Noble Lady Bundle

Steps To Collect Free Premium Bundles

Step 1: Firstly, if you do not wish to participate in the Mystery Madness event. Open the Free Fire game on your device. After that click on the banner of Mystery madness event interface will be opened. And, Click on the calendar icon that is located in the ‘event’ section. Similarly by clicking on the ‘calendar’ icon and accessing the event interface.

Step 2: Secondly Click on the ‘Capture’ button to start capturing enemy planes. After that, unlock secret missions and amazing rewards.

Step 3: Subsequently, get a random grand bundle! Complete missions to earn more items. And, you’ll receive an awesome reward!

This free event is very special and unique. But every player must take part as they need to complete some in-game easy missions for getting the bundle. And it is free to play and every player can join free fire free matches. In short it is necessary that one must complete the mission. So this is a rare opportunity to increase your ID collection, don’t miss it.

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