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Tagaru Gaming Free Fire Uid, Real Name, And Stats

Here, in this article, we will be talking about Tagaru Gaming, a prominent and notable Free Fire player and content maker on youtube. We will look at Tagaru Gaming Free Fire Uid number, real name, youtube career, level, and current stats.

On his youtube channel, he particularly uploads videos of his gameplay. Firstly, you will get to know the personal information of Tagaru Gaming.

Tagaru Gaming Real Name 

His real name is Prajawal, while his in-game name in Free Fire is NG TAGARU yT. Moreover, he is from Karnataka.

Presently, there is no precise information about the age of Tagaru Gaming. But his predicted age is around 17.

Youtube Career 

Prajawal, aka Tagaru Gaming, started his primary youtube channel in November 2020. Currently, he has 1.8 lakh subscribers on his channel Tagaru Gaming. On this channel, he has uploaded 137 videos to date.

He has received more than one crore overall views on his youtube channel. Here he frequently uploads videos of his live streaming and gameplay videos about Free Fire. 

Prajawal has one more channel on youtube named as Tagaru Gaming Live. On this channel, he has 12 thousand of subscribers. 

Tagaru Gaming Free Fire Uid And Level

Tagaru Gaming Free Fire uid number is 1796765644. Currently, he is on 69 levels of Free Fire. Moreover, he has received around 17000 likes on his Free Fire profile.

Free Fire profile of Tagaru Gaming

Free Fire Stats Of Tagaru Gaming In Battle Royale

Solo: He has appeared in a total of 1038 games in the Solo mode. As a result of which, he won 52 games with 1824 kills. 

Duo – Meanwhile, in the duo mode of Free Fire, Tagaru appeared in 2168 games with 158 wins. He has killed 3764 rivals in this mode.

Squad: Prajawal has taken part in a total of 4060 games with his squad in the squad mode. And in this mode, he has won 705 games. His total kills in this mode are 10601. 

Battle royale stats of Tagaru gaming

Free Fire Stats In Clash Squad

Clash Squad: He played a total of 6890 games in the clash squad mode. During this, he has won 3660 games with an impressive 36500 kills. However, his K/D ratio in this mode is 1.71. 

Stats of Tagaru gaming in clash squad mode

Tagaru Gaming Instagram I’d – Click Here

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