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How to Get Purple Criminal Bundle In Free Fire Max?

I am sharing the most exciting news of the day for all Free Fire players. Our favourite criminal bundle is returning in Free Fire Max’s latest event. The Purple Criminal Bundle is now available in Free Fire Max’s]s latest luck royale event.

This year, Garena Free Fire brings back some top criminal bundles in-game. This event is proof that Free Fire cares about its fan’s choices. Although to participate in the latest criminal bundle event, you need to spend some diamonds to get rewards.

Get Purple Criminal Bundle in Free Fire Max

At this time, Free Fire brings back one of the most famous criminal bundles. You can get the purple criminal bundle in the luck royale event, which is scheduled from 12th October to 25th October. Players can participate during this time to get their favourite bundle through a spin. One spin will cost 40 diamonds to the player, and you will get certain rewards from the prize list. There are high chances of getting a purple bundle in this event; however, it depends on your luck. So spend diamonds wisely.

Prize List of latest Criminal Royale Event

Purple Criminal Bundle
One Magic cube
Mp5 Blood red skin
Silver Bullet
VSS metallic skin
m249 fire bones
Island life
Magic cube fragment
Diamond royale voucher
Weapon royale voucher
few weapon royale vouchers
Other items

Steps to open new criminal luck royale event

1 Open Free Fire Max game on your mobile phone and go to the luck royale by clicking the icon on the right side.

2 Now go towards the criminal royale section, where you can see the event interface.

3 Click on 4o diamond spins and win prizes
( You can also get five spins on 180 diamonds( this way, you can save 20 diamonds as well.)


The prize list of this new luck royale event is exciting, with the addition of a magic cube and purple criminal bundle. However, getting the top criminal bundle win is a matter of luck. So if you think you will get the bundle in just one spin, that will not be easy. The probability of getting this bundle at one spin is very low. So you might spend more diamonds on the luck royale event to get this bundle. Think wisely before making a spin. Although the purple criminal bundle is rare, only a few players got this bundle in the previous event.

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