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How To Get Free Suits In BGMI?

Background Mobile India is one of the most popular games among children. It is a replacement for PUBG, which the government banned with 117 other Chinese game applications. 

Background Mobile India has impressive characters and features that entertain many gamers. You can purchase new accessories and equipment to boost your gaming skills and defeat your opponent in the best and most killer way.

Many gamers want to buy exclusive suits and equipment, but due to the shortage of BGMI UC, silver coins or other reasons, they cannot do that.

Here are some tips and tactics to get a free BGMI suits in the game.

1 Crates

It is the best option to get free and valuable gifts or accessories in the game. You can even get valuable fighting equipment and accessories that will help you to boost your gaming skills.

In the background mobile India, there are typically three types of crates available. You can open them at any time in the game and enjoy gifts or equipment.

  1. Classic Crate
  2. Premium Crate
  3. Supply Crate

You can also make crate coupons by using ten scraps. If your luck is with you, you can get rare and epic gifts from the crates.

2 Section Redeem

If you have a reasonable sum of silver coins and AG currency, you can use them to get exclusive and powerful suits in the game. 

The Redeem section is the best and most affordable way to get a free suits in BGMI. After selecting an option, you can come across tonnes of exclusive and powerful suits with extraordinary powers and features. 

You need to spend some silver coins or AG currency earned during the game.

3 Free Suits From BGMI Events

Suppose you are an ardent lover of BGMI and actively participate in the events. In that case, this is a door-knocking opportunity to get free suits in the game.

BGMI conducts various types of events. Many of these events help improve gaming skills. The best part is that they offer valuable permanent and temporary suits to the players.

4 Reward Tiers

Each season of BGMI games resets the players’ levels and introduces unique and powerful rewards.You can also upgrade your level and get unique gifts or outfits. The rewards offer weapons, frames, titles, costumes, and silver coins.

You can get the outfit of your dreams by following the above tips and tacks to get the BGMI suits for free of cost and enjoy a thrilling gaming experience.


Battle Royale games are trendy among teenagers, and they are attracted to the fantasy items in these games. However, these fantasy items are costly, and not all players can afford them. That’s why players should look for alternate ways to get free items in BGMI. So that you can enjoy the game without even spending your hard earn money.

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