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Nalla Adi Uid, Real Name, and Free Fire Stats

In this article, I will give you Nalla Adi uid and also share his Free Fire stats with all of you. Nalla Yash, aka Aditech, is a famous Youtuber. He uploads videos about the Free Fire game, like his gameplay, challenge and tips and tricks videos.

Aditech is a member of the Nalla Gang ( Guild Name). He is a good friend of Nalla Yash. We will inspect his Free Fire profile and try to look at his FF level, rank, and other in-game stats.

To achieve this, we need Nalla Adi’s Free Fire uid so that we can inspect his profile. I already did my research to find his Free Fire game Id. And I am pleased to inform you that I got his FF Uid through his Youtube channel Aditech.

Nalla Adi Real Name and Age

Nalla Adi’s real name is Atharvaditya Singh Rao, and his age is 15 as of 2022.

Youtube Channel

The youtube channel name of Nalla Adi is Aditech, and he started this channel in 2018. Now his channel Aditech has more than 6.59 million subscribers. He uploaded more than 37o videos on his channel to date. He delivers good content on his channel; that’s why his subscribers are continuously growing. I hope he will achieve 10 million milestones soon.

Nalla Adi UID, Name Style, and Free Fire Level

Nalla Adi uid is 779084851, and his name style is ???????ADI? and in 71 levels.

nalla adi uid, name style and free fire profile photo

Free Fire Battle Royale Stats

Solo – Aditech played 2058 games in solo mode, in which he won 213 games with 3840 kills.

Duo – In duo mode, Nalla Adi played 2238 games, in which he successfully managed to win 217 games. His total kills in duo mode are 4,316.

Squad – Adi played 5414 games of squad mode, in which he won 2253 games with his squadmate. His total kills are 14,179 in squad mode.

free fire battle royale stats of aditech

Free Fire Clash Squad Stats

In clash squad mode, Nalla Adi played 3205 games, in which he won 1437 games with a whopping 18,843 kills. His KD ratio in the clash squad is 1.69, which is impressive.

free fire clash squad photo of adi

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