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Thiva Character in Real Life, Name and Photo

Thiva character is one of the two characters that Free Fire brings in his game. This article is all about Thiva character real life, his name, photo, and his ability and price in Free Fire.

Garena introduced a total of 10 characters in Free Fire, which are inspired by real-life celebrities. These two new characters are also based on real-life celebrity.

Thiva character in Real Life

Thiva’s character in real life is a Belgian DJ Artist, actor, and record producer. He is the partner of Dimitri Vegas. The real name of Thiva’s character is Like Mike

Thiva character Photo

thiva character real photo
Image is taken from we rave you

Ability of Thiva Character in Free Fire

Thiva’s character ability name in Free Fire is Vital Vibes; this is a passive ability.

In this ability of Thiva, the rescue speed of the character is increased by 5% at starting level, and after a successful rescue, this character gains 15 HP within 5 seconds.

At the highest level of Thiva, players can increase rescue speed by 20%, and after the successful rescue, the character gains 40 H

When will this character be available to purchase in Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire said that the Thiva character would be available in the Free Fire games store for purchase on 28 August because 28 August is the last day of Free Fire’s 4th-anniversary event ongoing event.

How to get Thiva character in Free Fire for FREE?

In a top-up event, there is a high chance of getting Thiva character-free in Free Fire. Dimitri’s character is also available in top-up events.

Free Fire gives Thiva character to everyone who logged in on 28th Aug 2021.

They gave this character in the previous four-anniversary event, which ended on 28th August.

So must login on 28 August to get Free Thiva character.

Price of character in Free Fire

Thiva character will cost around 499 diamonds to players. However, many players already got this character from the fourth-anniversary event.

But if some players don’t have this character and their desire is to purchase it, they can buy it from the in-game store of Free Fire.

Here are the steps to obtain Thiva character

1 Open the Free Fire Game.
2 Go to the in-game store.
3 Then; select the character option in the store.
4 Choose Thiva character.
5 Now click on the obtain button.
6 Make the payment of 499 diamonds and enjoy this character.

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