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K Character in Real Life, Name and Photo in Free Fire

This article is about K character in real life; if you are interested in real life of K character, then this article is for you.

K character is one of the earliest and most famous characters in Free Fire. You all are familiar with the K character ability in Free Fire.

If you don’t have these answers, we will answer this question in this article.

Garena Free Fire brings characters in his games; there are 42 characters present in the game.

Out of 42 characters, 10 characters are inspired by the real-life of celebrity, and K is based on the real-life of a star.

Free Fire recently added two more new characters in the game: Dimitri and Thiva; check out our article to know about Dimitri and Thiva’s character.

As you already know, K is based on real-life celebrities, so that we will tell you about this character in more detail.

K character in real life and name

K character in real life is a DJ artist in America. His stage name is KSHMR (pronounced as Kashmir), but his real name is Niles Hollowell- Dhar.

Many people know him as a DJ Ksmhr. DJ artists are usually cool, and K is also a very cool guy in real life.

Birthday and Age

Kshmr was born on 6 October 1988 in Berkeley, California. His real age is 33.

Ability of Kshmr character

The ability name of the K character is Master of All; he has an active ability. K’s ability in Free Fire is to increase EP maximum to 50 ep. This character also has two different modes: Jitu-Jitsu Mode and Psychology mode.

Jitu-Jitsu Mode, when K character allies with 6m, it will increase up to 500% EP.

In psycology Mode, it recovers 2 EP per 3 second maximum 100 EP.

k character photo and ability in Free Fire
Image via sportskeeda

If you want to more information about K character then I suggest you to read Kshmr (K ) biography in wikipedia.

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