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Top 5 Indian Gamers Bike Collection That Will Amaze You

As we all know, gamers are very passionate about gaming, but do you know that many gamers have a passion for automobiles too? Even people are also curious to know about their favourite gamer’s interests. So in this article, we are going to talk about the top 5 Indian gamers bike collection

Many popular gamers’ often share their lifestyle and interests with their fans. Moreover, most of them revealed which bike they owned. But some of them don’t show their personal things. However, keep reading this article to know the bike collection of top Indian gamers.

Top Indian gamers bike collection and price 

1. Lokesh Gamer (Lokesh Raj Singh)

Lokesh Gamer is among the most popular Indian gamers, and he is also a content creator on Youtube. Currently, he has more than 1.53 crore subscribers on his YouTube channel ‘Lokesh Gamer’. Furthermore, you will be stunned to know the bike collection of Lokesh Gamer. So, the two bikes in his collection are 

  • TVS Apache RTR 200 
  • Kawasaki Z900

The first one in his collection is TVS Apache RTR 200, which is a street bike. A 197.75cc BS6 engine powers this bike. The average ex-showroom cost of this bike is INR 1, 41,019.

Now the second one is the superbike Kawasaki Z900 which is of metallic carbon grey colour and has a 948cc BS6 engine. The avg. Ex-showroom cost of this superbike is INR 9,02,000. Moreover, the riding position of this superbike is very comfortable. 

2. Gyan Gaming (Ankit Sujan)

Gyan Gaming is a great gamer and also creates content on YouTube. His YouTube channel ‘Gyan Gaming’ has 1.45 crore subscribers as of now. He has a few cool bikes in his collection. So let’s see which bikes are there in his collection.

  • Yamaha R15 V3
  • Royale Enfield Classic 

Yamaha R15 V3 is a sports bike and is one of his favourite bikes. This bike has a 155cc BS6 engine. The on-road price of this bike in India is INR 1, 65,347.

Gyan Gaming also has a Royale Enfield Classic, and a 349cc BS6 engine powers it. Moreover, it has an anti-locking braking system. The avg. Ex-showroom price of this bike is INR 1, 90,228.

3. AS Gaming (Sahil Rana)

AS Gaming has a whopping 1.93 crore subscribers on his popular YouTube channel, ‘AS Gaming’. On this YouTube channel, he has uploaded around 1.1K videos as of now. So, the bikes in his collection are

  • Royale Enfield Himalayan 
  • Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

Royale Enfield Himalayan is best in the adventure touring segment, and that’s why AS Gaming, aka Sahil, loves this bike. The average showroom price of this Royale Enfield Himalayan bike is INR is 2, 15,869. Moreover, it is powered by a 411cc BS6 engine.

Also, Sahil Rana has recently brought a superbike Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R (998cc BS6). The colour of his bike is Lime Green Colour. Its ex-showroom price in Delhi is INR 16.15 lakh. 

4. Desi Gamer (Amit Sharma)

Desi Gamers, aka Amit Bhai, has around 1.34 crore subscribers on his YouTube channel ‘Desi Gamers’. Moreover, he is a fantastic Indian gamer and content creator and has a superb bike collection. Now let’s have a look at the bike collection of Amit bhai.

  • Royale Enfield Meteor 350 
  • Yamaha MT 15 

Royale Enfield Meteor 350 comes with a 349cc BS6 engine. It is a cruiser bike, and the average ex-showroom price of this amazing bike is INR 2,00,926. 

The second bike in Amit Bhai’s collection is a beautiful street bike, that is Yamaha MT 15 (155cc BS6). Further, the average ex-showroom price of this bike is INR 1,65,390.

5. Mortal (Naman Mathur)

Mortal, aka Naman Mathur’s YouTube channel ‘MorTal’, currently has 69.7 lakh subscribers. He is a fantastic esports player, entertainer, and streamer. So, the bike in Naman’s collection is 

  • Harley Davidson Iron 883 

Mortal, aka Naman, owns a river rock grey denim-coloured Harley Davidson Iron 883 (883cc BS6 engine). The average ex-showroom price of this cruiser bike is INR 11,97,109. 


We have mentioned above some of the top Indian gamers bike collection. Many gamers are crazy for bikes same, as they are passionate about gaming. However, the bikes mentioned above in this article are subject to change (As the owner may sell or buy a new one). We hope you find this article interesting. 

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