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How To Get Free Fire Pet For Free in 2022

This article will tell you five simple ways to get Free Fire pet for free. Free Fire pets have a special ability that is helpful for players to take an extra advantage over other players. That’s why every Free Fire player loves to unlock them.

Likewise characters, and pets are also essential and cannot be availed without spending the in-game currencies. These pets can help you in the battleground with their unique skills.

But the problem is that you cannot avail these pets without diamonds. However, we have a solution for this, and we have mentioned it in this article.

Currently, there are 15 pets available in Free Fire. Every pet has a special ability. And you can unlock any pet that you like. But you need to spend some diamonds to purchase those pets.

Many players like you and me don’t have enough diamonds to buy Free Fire pets. That’s why I am searching for some simple ways to get them for free. And I found some amazing ways to unlock pets in Free Fire.

These ways are easy to use, and you will surely unlock Free Fire pet. Let’s check out these ways one by one.

1 Free Pet on Reaching Level 10

Garena Free Fire gives a free kit pet to every player who reaches level 10 in-game. I was really surprised when I got this kitten pet, but soon I realised Free Fire gives this pet. This pet has no ability, but it can equip any other pets ability.

2 Unlock Through Special Airdrops

Special airdrops have numerous rewards in them, and when you purchase those airdrops, you will also get a free pet. These airdrops are cheaply, and you can buy them for only ten and twenty-nine rupees. You will also get free diamonds, emotes, gun crates, along with pets.

However, if you have unlocked pets from the special airdrops, then it is not guaranteed that you will get the same next time. It means that you can get any other in-game elements rather than pets.

3 Free Fire Redeem Codes

Redeem codes are another best way to get pets without spending diamonds. Garena gives players Free Fire redeem codes in every major event like an anniversary, Holi, Diwali, etc. These codes have chosen rewards, such as characters, gun skins, emotes, pets, or other in-game items.

4 Free Fire events

Free Fire brings events in every month in-game. And they will give many free items to those players who participate in these events. In some recent events, Free Fire provides Beaston, Dreki and Panda pets to players.

To get the benefits from the Free Fire events, you must participate and complete the required tasks or missions.

5 Booyah App Rewards

Free Fire’s official streaming platform Booyah also gives some free and exciting rewards to its viewers. Free Fire pets are also included in booyah rewards. Players need to watch 10, 15 and 30 minutes of live streaming in the Booyah app to get those rewards.


After our research, we have presented you with some of the best ways to get the Free Fire pets for free, i.e., without spending the in-game currencies. You may also find some external links to get free pets on the internet, but these links can harm your Free Fire account.

So we recommend you be aware of such links and only use legitimate ways to get the pets.

Disclosure: This post contains amazon affiliate links. When you buy through links on our website we may earn an affiliate commission.

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