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Badge 99 Uid, Real Name, Level and Free Fire Stats

Badge 99 is an Indian Free Fire content creator on Youtube. He uploads entertaining videos on his Youtube channel. He also creates content at EsportsXO.

In this article, you will get to know the basic information about Badge 99. You will also find Badge 99 Uid number, K/D ratio and FF stats in this article.

Let’s first look at basic details about Badge 99.

Badge 99 Real Name and Age

Badge 99 real name is Bharat Singh. Currently, there is no information about his age but his predicted age is 20 years old.

Youtube Channel

Badge 99 started his first youtube channel(Badge 99) in January 2016. He has currently 80.4 lakh subscribers. He has uploaded 381 videos till date. Here he uploads entertaining videos about Free Fire.

Badge 99 started his second youtube channel (Badge99 Live) in October 2019. On this channel, he has currently 13.9 lakh subscribers. Here he uploads Shayari videos about Free Fire. On this channel, Badge 99 has uploaded 20 videos.

Badge 99 Uid, Free Fire Level and Guild Name

Badge 99 Free Fire uid is 317768081. He is currently on 70 levels of Free Fire. Badge 99 is a member of Hawk Eye guild id.

Badge 99 Free Fire (FF) Uid, profile, level and rank in 2021

Free Fire Stats of Badge 99 in Battle Royale

Solo – Badge 99 played a total of 1151 games in solo mode. In which, he won 84 games with 2848 kills.

Duo – Badge 99 played a total of 2010 games in duo mode, out of which, he won 187 games with 4350 kills.

Squad – In squad mode, Badge 99 played 8800 games in which he won 1525 games with his squad. His total kills in squad mode are 24295.

Free Fire Stats in Clash Squad

Clash Squad – Badge 99 played 1779 games in the clash squad mode of Free Fire in which he won 1189 games with 9413 kills. His K/D ratio in the clash squad mode is 2.29.

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