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Best Characters skins in COD Mobile in 2024

COD Mobile has been the leading game in the battle royale space since its launch in 2019. That’s why the game has been voted the best mobile game at The Game Awards 2019. The reason behind the game’s immense popularity is its gameplay. The modes, weapons, characters, load-outs, seasons, and of course, character skins are also fascinating. Despite all these, character skins in COD Mobile play a vital role for the players who are conscious about their in-game looks. If you are also the one who is looking for the best character skin in COD Mobile, then this guide is all about sharing the Best Character Skins in COD Mobile in 2024.

Keep reading the guide; we have sorted the top 5 best character skins in the list below.

Top 5 Best Character Skins in COD Mobile in 2024

1. Ghost – Plasma

best skins COD Mobile

If you have been playing COD Mobile since the beginning, you are fascinated by this skin. It is undeniably one of the highly sought-after skins in COD Mobile. The moment you grab this fantastic skin, you can feel a pure Call of Duty experience because of its deadly and sleek look. Several other Ghost skins are available in the game, but the Plasma one is the best.

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2. Gunzo – Devil Jester

Gunzo - Devil Jester

If you love scary skins, then this one is for you. It is a freaky Joker, the same theme as Dark Shepherd. Gunzo is also one of the rare skins in COD Mobile, which is why it is highly demanding. Players are always excited to grab this skin around the Halloween festival because, at that time, this skin is a nightmare for enemies.

3. Grinch – Wreath Havoc

best skins COD Mobile: Grinch Wreath Havoc

The Grinch skin in COD Mobile is a heartwarming addition to the game. With its festive green outfit and mischievous smile, it brings the mischievous and green Grinch to the battlefield. Equipping the Grinch’s skin evokes a sense of joy and playfulness during intense gameplay. So, embrace the Grinch skin and let its infectious entertainment light up your gaming experience during the holiday season.

4. Krueger – Black Hat

Kreuger Black Hat

Krueger is a mysterious character with scarred and burned skin hidden behind a haunting mask. This skin is becoming a prestigious thing for the players who own it. It is tough to get the Krueger skin because you need to get very lucky with a Dark Gunman crate drop, and it’s infrequent.

5. Phantom – Osiris

Phantom Osiris

Phantom Osiris is a glamorous character skin in COD Mobile. Its fantastic design and mythical Egyptian theme tempt most of the players. Armed with an impressive golden staff and regal armour, it caught the attention on the battlefield. Embrace the charm of ancient legends as you dominate your enemies in the style of Egyptian Pharaohs.

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