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How to Send Gift to Friends in Free Fire

Sending gifts to your friends in Free Fire is a great way to show your appreciation to them. They can use them during the game to get better at it and get more enjoyment out of it. But only if you choose the right kind of gifts. 

Many Free Fire gamers who have recently joined the game aren’t aware of the process involved in sending gifts to their Free Fire friends.

This article will provide a detailed guide to help you understand how you can send gift in Free Fire.

Types Of Gifts You Can Send In Free Fire


Free Fire players understand that diamonds are a big deal in this game. Having diamonds means access to loyalty events, Elite pass, different characters, guns, and skins. You can give diamonds to your friends, but it’s tricky as there is no in-game option to send diamonds to your friends, and you’d need to send diamonds using third-party apps. 

Items like gun skins, bundles, pets, characters, etc.

The Free Fire game is your way to easily send gun skins, pets, and bundles to your friends without taking any help from other platforms. The game has included a menu option which makes the entire process very simple.

Steps To Send Gift In Free Fire

Before you jump into the steps, make sure you have your friend’s game id so you can send them gifts. When you click on your friend’s name, their player id will appear below their name. Note that player ID will help you send gifts to your friends with ease.

Now, let’s jump into the steps:

  • Open Free Fire and click on Store on the left menu.
  • Click on the gift box option and choose the type of gift you want to send to the friend.
  • After selecting the gift, you’ll see the price mentioned in the right side corner.
  • Click on send, and then you can choose the player ID of the friend to whom you want to send the gift.
  • Again, click on the Send button to send the gift to the friend.

Steps To Send Diamonds In Free Fire

Since there are no in-game options to send diamonds in the Free Fire application, you can use third-party websites such as WinZo or CodaShop that allow you to do this quite easily. These websites will enable you to buy cheaper diamonds than the ones available in-game.

Here’s how you can send Diamonds to a friend:

  • Go to the Codashop website. (Click on the link to jump directly to the Free Fire section)
  • Directly paste your friend’s Player ID in the top section that you accessed earlier from your friend’s profile.
  • Select the number of diamonds that you want to gift.
  • Then, select the desired payment method.
  • Click on Buy now.

After your payment is confirmed, your friend will receive the gifted diamonds within a minute of purchase.


Playing games is only fun when you play them with your friends. That’s why sharing gifts with one another and playing together is such an awesome thing to do.

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