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Free Fire New Mode Big Head 2.0 Gameplay Details

If you’ve been playing Free Fire since the beginning, you might know Big Head Mode. It was a time when players were crazy about this mode, but unfortunately, Garena terminated this amazing mode very early. But don’t despair because Garena is back with Big Head 2.0 with more fun and surprises. So get ready for a new adventure in the game, and we are here to share everything about the Free Fire New Mode Big Head 2.0 Gameplay Details with you.

Release Date of New Mode Big Head 2.0 in Free Fire

Get ready to experience a new level of fun as Free Fire gears up to introduce this exciting update! After the immense success of Big Head 1.0, the new Big Head 2.0 will be reintroduced into the game.

The big question is, when will the highly anticipated Big Head 2.0 be introduced, and how long will it remain available in the game?

So the release of Big Head 2.0 is set for July 21, 2023! Big Head 2.0 will be available for gameplay until August 10, 2023. So, seize the opportunity and dive into the thrilling adventures that await during its presence in the game.

The Gameplay of the New Big Head 2.0 Mode

free fire Big Head 2.0 mode gameplay

So what’s new in the Big Head mode? As the name suggests, the main focus of this mode is on the player’s face. The players will experience fun in the game as every kill will make a face larger. It does not just give humour and excitement but also makes the game more difficult because it is hard to hide the large face.

Additionally, the mode will come up with the advantage of unlimited revivals, which makes it more exciting. This means players can revive multiple times and return to the game.

The primary object of every squad is to take maximum kills within a limited time to win the match. Initially, every player will be equipped with a primary gun, and after that, players can explore the area to find load-outs, weapons, and essential items.

Final Take:

The new Big Head 2.0 is loaded with fun and surprises. With a focus on hilarious and challenging gameplay, every kill will enlarge your face. At the same time, unlimited revivals add an extra layer of excitement. Take advantage of this epic gaming experience!

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