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Costa YT Uid, Name And Free Fire Stats

Costa YT is a popular Algerian Free Fire player and also he creates content about Free Fire on his youtube channel. On his youtube channel, he posts about his gameplay videos and funny prank videos. This article looks at Costa YT Uid and other details.

Now, in this article, you will get to know the basic information about Costa YT. Moreover, you will also find the Free Fire Uid, real name, age, IGN name, K/D ratio and stats of Costa YT.

Costa YT Real Name And Age

Currently we don’t have any information about Costa YT real name and age. However, we will update it as soon as such information is available.

Youtube Channel

Costa YT’s youtube channel name is COSTA YT. He started his channel in June 2017. On his channel, he uploads videos of his gameplay having fun with others. Moreover, he often uploads videos doing prank with noob players.

Currently, he has around 18.1 lakh subscribers and has uploaded 170 videos so far. His youtube videos get an average of 12 lakh views per video.

Costa YT Free Fire Uid and Level

The Free Fire uid number of Costa YT is 1178311187. At this time, he is at 68 levels of the  Garena Free Fire. Moreover, he has got more than 18K likes on his FF profile.

Free Fire Stats Of Costa YT In Battle Royale

Solo – Costa YT has played a total of 1532 games in the Solo mode. Out of which, he won 134 games with 3245 kills.

Duo – In the duo mode of Free Fire, he played 1449 games with 159 wins. Yet, he has killed a total of 3236 enemies in this mode.

Squad – He has played a total of 2584 games with his squad in this mode. As a result of which, he has won 512 games. His total kills in the squad mode are 7779.

Free Fire Stats In Clash Squad

Clash Squad – In the clash squad mode, Costa played a total of 7897 games. Out of that, he has won 4424 games with 39277 kills. His K/D ratio in this mode is 2.17.

Costa YT Instagram I’d – Click Here

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