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Free Fire Max Elite Pass June 2022: Check out all the rewards

Garena Free Fire MAX will bring a new elite pass in June 2022. This elite pass will be released in the game on 3rd June. The pre-order of this elite pass already started on 29th May, and it will be available until 31st May of 2022. This new elite pass has many rewards, and the price of this pass is also attractive for players.

Many Free Fire players are excited about the new upcoming elite pass. The reason for their excitement is the rewards coming with an elite pass. Free Fire never disappoints its users when it comes to rewards. .

Name and Arrival Date of Free Fire MAX June Elite Pass

The name of the Free Fire MAX season 49 Elite pass is Swordsoul Reality. It is arriving on the 1st June of 2022 in the game.

Here is the complete list of rewards according to badges

Monster Truck: Skull Opera – 0
Death Theatre avatar – 5
SPAS12 – Neon Opera – 10
Cyberblade Dan (Top) – 15
Pink Facade Banner – 30
Cyberblade Sheng (Top) and Pink Façade Avatar – 40
Kingfisher – Neon Opera – 60
Neon Opera Skyboard and Prismatic Song T-shirt – 100
Golden Facade Banner – 115
Robotic Opera Loot Box – 125
Golden Facade Avatar – 135
Pink Facade Avatar – 150
Skull Opera Backpack – 180
Come and Dance emote – 195
Robotic Opera Parachute – 200
Cyber sword Ember Bundle – 225

Price of Elite Pass

The price of elite pass 49 is 999 diamonds, similar to the previous one. But now, this time, Free Fire max is giving Skull bike as a free reward for the pre-orders. So, you will get this rewards if you aplly during the pre- order time. The last date for pre-order is 31st May.

If you want to get this elite for free, you can check out our recent article about the Free Fire Max elite pass. Free Fie Max Elite june pass is coming on june 1st. Check out all the rewards in this elite passs

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