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Munna Bhai Free Fire ID, Age, Real Name and YouTube.

In this article, I will tell you the biography of Munna Bhai Gaming. Munna Bhai Gaming Free Fire ID, age, name, face reveal, stats and his biography.

Munna Bhai is a Youtuber and professional gamer who usually play Free Fire game.

He is widely popular in Telugu as he lived in this region of India.

Due to his ability to speak many languages like Hindi, English and Telugu, his audience can be found in many regions of India.

Let’s look at some personal information about Munna Bhai.

Munna Bhai Gaming Name

The amazing player is popularly known as Munna Bhai in the Free Fire community, but his real name is Venkata Atchuth.

Munna Bhai Gaming Age

His age is 22 in 2021 (predicted ) however, it’s just an assumption we don’t know the actual age of Munna Bhai Gaming. Munna Bhai’ birthday comes in 12 October.

munna bhai free fire id
Image via taken from Munna Bhai Instagram

YouTube Career

Venkata Atchuth aka Munna Bhai started his Youtube Channel in the year 2017.

He initially uploaded videos of his Free Fire gameplay with Telugu commentary on his channel.

Within three years of his Youtube Career he gains 2.3 million subscribers in 2021.

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Munna Bhai Free Fire ID, Level, and Rank.

Munna Bhai Free Fire ID is 402752655, and his name in Free Fire is Munna Bhai_Y.
He is in 78 levels of Free Fire and got his heroic emblem ran in season 21.

munna bhai free fire id stats

Free Fire Lifetime Stats in Battle Royale

Solo – He played 4000 games in solo mode in which he won 1000 games with 7000 kills.

Duo – Munna Bhai played 5000 games in duo mode in which he was able to win 1500 games with 10000 kills.

Squad – He played the highest number of games in squad mode which are 17770 games in which he got booyah 5000 times with 8000 kills.

Free Fire Lifetime Clash Squad Stats

Munna Bhai had shown the consistent growth in his Free Fire gameplay. Clash Squad– The clash squad career of Munna Bhai also looks good he played 6000 games in which he won 4000 with 2000 kills.

munna bhai gaming id

Instagram ID

Munna Bhai has more than 321k followers on his Instagram account, and he regularly uploads posts on his account. Want to know more about Munna Bhai click here to visit his Instagram account.

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