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Sanjoy Das Free Fire Uid, Age and Free Fire Stats

Sanjoy Das is a Free Fire player and Youtuber of India. In this article,  we will look at Sanjoy Das Free Fire uid, Real name, Photo, Free Fire profile and stats.

First, we will look at personal details of Sanjoy Das like his Free Fire name and age.

Sanjoy Das Real Name and Age

Sanjoy Das real name is also Sanjoy Das and his current Free Fire username(IGN) is Prashi . Currently, there is no information about his age.

Youtube Career

Sanjoy Das started his first youtube channel (Sanjoy Das Official) in April 2015. He has currently 52.8 Lakh subscribers. He uploads videos of his gameplay and reaction and funny commentry.

Sanjoy Das started his second youtube channel (Sanjoy Das) in July 2020. He has currently 7.48 lakh subscribers on this channel. Here, he has uploaded 340 videos till date and he gets an average of 1.5 lakh views per video.

Sanjoy Das Free Fire Uid and Level

Sanjoy Das Free Fire Uid is 988096062. He is currently on level 78 levels of Free Fire.

Free Fire stats of Sanjoy Das in Battle Royale

Solo – Sanjoy Das played a total of 1393 games in solo mode, in which he won 123 games with 1803 kills.

Duo – He played a total of 1308 games in duo mode, out of which he won 341 games with 3546 kills.

Squad – In squad mode, Sanjoy Das played a total of 13782 games in which he won 3948 games with his squad. His total kills in squad mode are 42567.

Free Fire Stats in Clash Squad

Clash Squad – Sanjoy Das played 6910 games in the clash squad mode of Free Fire in which he won 3790 games with 35592 kills.
His K/D ratio in the clash squad mode is 1.96.

Instagram id of Sanjoy Das


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