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Free Fire Diwali Event 2021: All You Need To Know

October is packed with Free Fire related events for the fans of Garena’s new battle royale title. The first event, Venom eSports’ partnership with the game, commences soon, bringing new skins and content to players. A multitude of other FFIC events has already begun keeping fans engaged. The free fire Diwali event 2021 is about to get underway. Let’s see what they have in store for you.

News From The Sources

According to sources, the free fire Diwali event will commence on October 25 and go further up to November 11. Currently, the venom event is taking place, and the next event will commence just after the end of the venom event.

Sources indicate that players are likely to get rewards within the event, including gun crates, vouchers, and more. The event is expected to start with “Charge the Portal to Come Home,” in which we will be given two permanent Legend gun skins plus a Panda set.

Free Fire Diwali Event

The Diwali event starts on October 29. Two events will start simultaneously; one called “Pick Your Own Diwali Hampers” and another called “Rang De Rangoli.” You will receive two bonus skins (one male and one female) and one bonus item for your inventory during these events.

On November 2, the “Countdown to Diwali” event begins, which will get you skin for an AUG gun, a voucher, and skin for a surfboard.

The Pick Day will be on November 4, where the Magic cube and the Tantalising Emote can be obtained.

Following Pick Day, an event called “After Party Gifts” will begin on November 5, in which we’ll see two gun skins and other small rewards.

What can we expect free fire Diwali event this year?

  • There will be a top tier to win Gloo Walls in an in-game competition in the upcoming Diwali event. We hope you will contribute your best effort and give this event your attention because who knows, maybe you can win some cool-looking Gloo walls for yourself!
  • There will be another spin just like Dragon AK, held in the previous year’s Diwali festival.
  • According to the report, there will be a fantastic new character like Kubra Set from the previous year.
  • There are frequent rumors about new skins, emotes, and more that you can get in addition to a cool-looking backpack.
  • You can also expect the Diwali festival weekly or monthly events just like the previous year.
  • The team plans to introduce all-new updates and developments to push a major update to get your hands on the top-ups and spins.


The Free Fire Diwali event 2021 is almost here. That said, we know how nervous and suspicious players can get, which is why we would like to reassure you that these leaks aren’t foolproof and should only be taken as a rumor for now. After all, the developers have made no official announcement, even though we’re sure they’ll make one soon.

Free Fire is releasing another celebration of Diwali very soon, so keep an ear out for any announcements made on social media or their forums.

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